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    Racing Cal App

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Stephane from France and I'm new on this forum. I'm a huge motorsport fan and had the chance to attend many races years after years. Ten days ago, I was at Le Mans for the 24 hours (and so sad for Toyota). I visited many tracks such as Magny-Cours for Formula 1, Nurburgring for World Superbike, Spa for WEC and even Chicagoland Speedway, Richmond Raceway, Dover Speedway for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

    I'm also a developer and I created an iOS app to be notified of every race of various championships such as:
    • Formula 1
    • WRC
    • WTCC
    • WEC
    • Moto GP
    • World Superbike
    • IndyCar
    • NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

    The app is called Racing Cal and is available on the App Store.

    So if you donít want to miss a single race, ​Racing Cal is for you: you get every race date and time, you can manage your favorite series, the calendar will be updated in case of a date or time modification and you get a weekly view to have an idea of the races of the week-end. You can even choose to get a notification before the race begins.​

    Feel free to try it and of course Iím opened for suggestions and improvements.

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    Thank you. I'll search for it in the App Store.
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