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    The most annoying thing in the world!

    Sam Tordoff makes a move up the inside of Matt Neal at Oulton Park. He out-brakes Neal and gets to the apex first, before we see the end of the overtake the TV cuts to a view of the Tordoff pit garage to see some girls reaction! Did he make the move or did he run wide and let Neal have a run at him????

    GRRRRRR!! Show us that he actually completes the move! I don't care about the reaction in the pits, show that after we know he's made the move!

    *rant over*

    (it turns out he did finish the move)
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    What makes that sort of thing worse is that, during the first race, they went to a split screen to show that, keeping the racing action on the left and showing the reaction on the right. So it is possible. As, indeed, it was during the last British Superbike highlights show, when they used picture-in-picture instead (with the pit reaction in the smaller window). Oddly though, it only seemed to be operational during BTCC race 1 - perhaps an experiment?

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