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    FIA Hill Climb Masters - Eschdorf (Luxembourg)

    First edition of FIA Hill Climb Masters 2014 in Eschdorf (Luxembourg).
    The best drivers of the world were present in this event

    my vidéo:

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    Nice video, looks like it was a good event. Obviously took quite a bit of work to put together, can't be easy pitching an event that will cater to the larger cars that compete in mainland Europe while staying short enough for the British guys to get to the top without stopping for fuel! Eschdorf seems about right, will be interesting next year to see if they go somewhere else or stay at the same hill. There's not really anything in the UK that legitimately has enough space for the sports cars of the rest of Europe, the closest that we've got is probably Goodwood and that's not even used as a proper hillclimb.

    Still, I'm surprised that the British guys were so quick, Moran coming second and breaking the hill record is pretty impressive. People will argue that the regs in the UK allow more power, but I'm not convinced that the V6 Will Hall has is any more powerful than the V8s that the sports cars have. Shame that none of our bike engined car competitors made it over, think they could have put a hole in the argument about needing more power.
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