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    R2 4wd? Yes what is needed is more 4wd

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    Six different #R4Kit models already ride in rally! The seventh is coming for soon... We cannot wait and you? #SuzukiSwift
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    Beside the cost differences between a R5 or a Maxi Rally and the R4, there is a difference in the concept of each car. The R5 is a car available just one step below the WRC for those whom could pay it. The Maxi Rally is a response to the argentinean needs for an affordable 4WD car in middle of the country realities. But the R4 isn't just a standarized Maxi Rally or a cheaper R5, it is focused on the driver's abilities or skills development (not in his wallet).

    As I had read from Javier Castro (from RC Competition), the french engineers that had come to help with the development of the PSA turbo engine of the Maxi Rally, sent the MR idea to Oreca, and then Oreca sent it to the FIA. The FIA called to a licitation (won by Oreca) to develop the R4 concept. Castro said that the Oreca kit isn't just a kit to replace the Maxi Rally, it's a closed package to avoid the development, and it have every measurement and torque documented, the way to build each car and all the homologation information wrote with nothing free to be change (apart from the brand of the dampers you want to use).

    The R4 have more electronics than a MR, even it have suspension sensors that I think send the information to the ECU to be recoveded later as data to read. The teams just have to make the car work, and then it's all up to the driver. That's the theorical reading.

    I have put my throughts about the Maxi rally on their thread, later you could think about a complot of the FIA to control the market of the kit cars, but that's another story.
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