Dover is one of my "home tracks", one that is an easy driver for me. I've been there numerous times. I didn't go today, even though I wanted to. Had an 87th birthday outing for a dear friend, and even though I love NASCAR, there are some things in life that are more important, that being the ones we love and hold dear.

I went to the race last year, taking a good friend of mine for his first Sprint Cup race. I was embarrassed at what a boring race it was. Jimmie Johnson led nearly the entire race. I don't like wrecks (and there weren't any), but then I also don't like it when the track is no particular challenge to the cars and drivers, and that is what Dover seems to have become (at least to me). I hope the new rules package makes the track again a challenge.

If I had gone to the race today, I think it might have been just about as boring as last year. However, watching it on the TV, keeping up with the challenges to the drivers to try to advance to the next round of The Chase, made it much more enjoyable. Had I been at the race, I probably would not have been able to keep up with that information, so watching it on TV (DVR) turned out to be a wise choice.

I think NASCAR has done a great thing with this new Chase format. I love it.