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    Updated Lists

    Driver lists (2014 updates in bold Type)

    In the 14 seasons from 2001-2014 there have been 11 different Farce Cup Champions. There have been only 3 2-time winners, and only 1 of those went back to back.

    2001 Bobby Labonte
    2002 Kurt Busch
    2003 Jimmie Johnson
    2004 Jimmie Johnson
    2005 Greg Biffle
    2006 Denny Hamlin (rookie)
    2007 Jeff Gordon
    2008 Kevin Harvick (winless season)
    2009 Kurt Busch
    2010 Carl Edwards
    2011 Tony Stewart
    2012 Kyle Busch
    2013 Dale Earnhardt, Jr (winless season)
    2014 Kevin Harvick

    48 drivers have made the Farce, but only one driver has made EVERY Farce:

    Farce Appearences:

    14= Jeff Gordon
    13= Matt Kenseth, Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson
    12=Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Kurt Busch
    10= Greg Biffle, Ryan Newman, Kyle Busch
    9= Carl Edwards
    8= Denny Hamlin
    7= Kasey Kahne
    6= Mark Martin
    5= Clint Bowyer
    4= Dale Jarrett, Bobby Labonte, Rusty Wallace, Jeff Burton, Jamie McMurray, Joey Logano
    3= Michael Waltrip, Elliott Sadler, Ward Burton, Juan Pablo Montoya, Martin Truex, David Ragan, Brad Keselowski
    2= Ricky Rudd, Sterling Marlin, Jeremy Methfield, Casey Mears, David Reutimann, Marcos Ambrose
    1= Steve Park, Bobby Hamilton Sr, Johnny Benson, Bill Elliott, Robby Gordon, Terry Labonte, Ricky Craven, Joe Nemechek, Scott Riggs, Brian Vickers, Paul Menard, Regan Smith, AJ Allmendinger, Aric Almirola

    In order to win the Farce, one must make the Final 4. Jimmie Johnson leads all drivers with 9 Final 4 appearances, to wit:

    9= Jimmie Johnson (2003-2004, 2007-2013)
    7=Kevin Harvick (2006-2008, 2010-2011, 2013-2014)
    6= Tony Stewart (2001-2002, 2004-2006, 2011)
    Dale Earnhardt Jr (2001-2004, 2006, 2013)
    4=Denny Hamlin (2006, 2008, 2010, 2014)
    3= Kyle Busch (2007, 2009, 2012)
    Carl Edwards (2005, 2007, 2011)
    2= Greg Biffle (2005, 2008)
    Kurt Busch (2002, 2009)
    Mark Martin (2005, 2009)
    1= Bobby Labonte (2001)
    Jeff Burton (2001)
    Dale Jarrett (2002)
    Matt Kenseth (2003)
    Jamie McMurray (2004)
    Brad Keselowski (2012)
    Kasey Kahne (2012)
    Joey Logano (2014)
    Ryan Newman (2014)
    #4 2014 Sprint Cup Champion, 2007 Daytona 500,2003 Brickyard 400,2x Coke 600,2014 Southern 500 Champ: 962 starts,90 wins, 345 T5s, 544 T10s, 44 poles, 2x NNS champ

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    Quote Originally Posted by slorydn1 View Post
    Thanks, Alex, it really means a lot.

    Still, my enthusiasm is tempered by the gimmicky nature of this new deal. I guess I'll just chalk it it up as a make good for the real championship he won in 2010 that he gets no recognition for. Now I can call him a one time Champion and mean it
    Let's not forget if it wasn't for Marcus Ambrose who knows what would have happened in 2011 when he would have had the points lead by likely more than 10 with three races left. We know they took chances at Texas and Phoenix to make them look worse than they really were.
    the drought is over--may there never be another with 115 races.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slorydn1 View Post
    I guess given the auto clicker word unscrambler number of newer members we have I should explain the different points systems just a bit:

    Latford (or WC) was the points system in place through the end of the 2010 season, the final iteration of which from 2007 through 2010 gave 195 points to the driver that won the race and led the most laps on down to 34 points for the 43rd place driver (no laps lead). Bonuses were 5 points for leading a lap, and 5 points for leading the most laps. When you see me type WC to shorten the entry that means Winston Cup which we here use interchangably for the Latford points system. Going into Richmond this weekend, Jeff Gordon is the Latford points leader with 3563 points, leading Dale Earnhardt Jr by 66 points. My favorite driver, Kevin Harvick is P7, -384 back.

    Bri is short for Bri-Bri, our not so affectionate nickname for NASCAR CEO Brian France, and is the 48 points for winning the race and leading the most laps on down to 1 point for P43, no laps led system that has been in place since 2011. I cannot take credit for the nickname Bri-Bri, that was coined by our former moderator RaceFanStan, may he rest in peace. Going into the Richmond weekend, Jeff Gordon is the Bri points leader with 871 points, leading Dale Jr by 20 points. My driver, Kevin Harvick is P8, -123 back

    FIA is the current points structure used in Formula 1 which awards points on the following scale:

    P1=25 points
    P2=18 points
    P3=15 points
    P4=12 points
    P5=10 points
    P6=08 points
    P7=06 points
    P8=04 points
    P9=02 points
    P10=01 points

    0 points are awarded to the rest of the field regardless of the size, and there are no bonuses for leading laps.
    Going into the Richmond weekend this year Dale Earnhardt Jr is the FIA points leader with 206 points, leading Jeff Gordon by 7 points. Kevin Harvick is P6, -38 back.

    Since I have gone back and scored all the seasons since 2001 in the current Bri points a seeding or points position on the chart is in Bri unless otherwise noted.

    I hope this helps to give y'all some historical perspective when you see what is going on on TV when you watch the next 11 races. You will hear alot of pontificating about this or that, about how Driver X "Must win" etc etc but now you are armed with the facts. Have Fun!!
    For a new system that is supposed to all about winning, consistency be damned, it has managed 2 produce not 1 but 2 winless champions in the 13 seasons that I measured, something the much maligned Latford Winston Cup points system NEVER managed to do over its entire existence from 1975-2003. It has also managed to produce a, get this, a ROOKIE Champion!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vailiyat View Post
    For a new system that is supposed to all about winning, consistency be damned, it has managed 2 produce not 1 but 2 winless champions in the 13 seasons that I measured, !
    And just who would these two winless champions be?

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