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Thread: Hayden Paddon

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    Lots of nearly men in the wrc's history.(e.g Mikael Ericsson spelling?) Commercial sense / economics dictates who drives - preference for those with a big suitcase of cash.
    Paddon will still have the electric rally car to develop back in NZ. Some form of rallycross probably in Europe - electric or gas.

    Paddon also has the NZ TCR race circuit series so he is not short of machines to drive.

    Even have his cross-kart out for a play soon.
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    Rallying is his passion, ofcourse other disciplines are fun too but he live for rally and every damn driver dream about being in WRC squad. And he was there for few seasons, win an event over Ogier (I mean Ogier!!!). He & we believe that he didn't achieve everything that could be achieved by him, so that's why he wants to be there. After so much work he did, he really deserves it but motorsport is cruel to those who sit a yea. When suddenly 3 to 4 driver who drive entire season lost a seat, teams are looking at them first, so it's even harder. Cutting links to Hyundai NZ is stupid, just to trying to be back again. If they allow to drive other cars why not, if not then, so be it. I would say that I'll be aiming at WRC2. It's still quite good championship and could promote their car well and Hyundai (or other teams) could again pay attention to him. Just my opinion

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