Monitoring, the boy took Ms. Lin bag downstairs Southeast nets-strait Herald March 18th dispatch (reporter Li Guirong Wu Linzeng text / chart) two minutes, a teenage boy finished "upstairs downstairs - Bag -" a series of actions, stole a apple mobile phone and 3000 yuan in cash. In March 14th, Ms. Long Yanlin stolen his stolen packet encounters and monitoring screenshots posted online, caused numerous netizen heat to discuss, the little boy act surprised, have said "too terrible, grow up". the owner: imperceptibly, bag was stolen March 14th is Lin's birthday, after work, she invited the 6 good sisters, came to a steakhouse in Longyan city of Zhongshan Road, ready to celebrate. Ms. Lin chose a corner position, 7 people sit in two rows, good food, Ms. Lin habitually put the bag on the back. chat while eating, Ms. Lin is a group of people who eat very happy, around 8 p.m., you have to eat less, Ms. Lin would like to go to the cashier to pay the money. but when she got up to touch behind the bag, found the bag had disappeared. "Where's my bag?" Ms. Lin is very surprised, have an apple mobile phone in her bag, there are 3000 yuan in cash, two bank cards. Then she ran to the front desk to watch the monitor. monitoring: 2 minutes 10 years old boy stealing package unfortunately, Ms. Lin dinner location, just in the store monitoring blind, unable to see the bag was stolen from the state. however, the stairs monitoring, Ms. Lin see, a ten-year-old boy, carrying her bag down the stairs. Display monitoring, nineteen forty-seven and 05 seconds, the little boy held the stairs, nineteen forty-nine and 24 seconds, the little boy carrying the bag down. Ms. Lin bags, with Apple Mobile phone. Then, her friends to download an identity code positioning things on the Internet, to help her find the thief, however, mobile phone was turned off. Ms. Lin said, now that is the mobile phone to get the store to brush, it can't come back. At present, Ms. Lin has to report the local police station. users: too terrible, grew up to later, Ms. Lin passes and monitoring the screenshots posted online, then causes netizen heat to discuss. little boy act surprised, let netizen, netizen "read long said:" too terrible, grow up. also the netizen expresses, this child is very familiar, elsewhere in the city has seen. Ms. Lin said, she had made.