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Thread: Failures

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    Thanks. I wonder how it would have gone in the BTCC, given a bit of development — though whether Andy Rouse was, by then, still truly able to come up with a competitive package I'm not sure. His '95 Mondeo and '96 Primera didn't exactly set the world on fire. It almost seemed as if he struggled with the wings-and-spoilers Super Touring era, as excellent a touring car engineer as he'd been before that.

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    Apologies for the resurrection.

    This was before the start of the 2013 Season so, without further ado, here's some failed entries from that season:

    AMD Racing's NGTC Astra and Super 2000 Focus.
    Chris Stockton in the BTC Racing Chevrolet Cruze although that entry did race in 2014.
    Lea Wood, Richard Hawken, Chris Jones and Ian Loggie all tested the Speedworks Toyota but Dave Newsham and Ollie Jackson got the seats.

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