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Thread: Citroen WRT

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    Quote Originally Posted by deephouse View Post
    They will not get another brand. Ford could get back fully involved after 2021 season when new regs comes to play. A good combination? Maybe yes, maybe not. There is a difference between M-Sport and Citroen. M-Sport (Wilson) have a real passion for this sport (company is build around that), while Citroen don't or they don't show. Maybe they don't have nothing to prove anymore since they have most titles and practically best WRC statistists so far. Of course the world needs them to be in the game, but Linda talks for herself. If them will really go away I hope Peugeot will convice her to step up. They are not done in this kind of sport and since they are aiming in EV technology that could be another step closer to their goals.
    It may be a shock for you, as a Citroen hater, but nowadays the difference between having Citroen or Peugeot in the WRC is mainly changing a badge as both brands sport divisons are totally connected and depend on PSA board decisions. No extended budget would miraculously arrive and most of the staff would certainly continue if Peugeot took Citroen place.
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    Watching the last videos from Catalunya testing, showing the significant aero updates, I mainly focused to the strangely shaped headlights.

    It seems that either they put something like plastic-elastic cover on the regular headlights, or they actually moved them a little bit more to the inside and reduced their size.

    Could it be a partial change-implementation due to the rush of the test, or they intend to actually apply a change to the shape of the headlights?

    The new aero is nice and aggressive but these modified headlights are so ugly...

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