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Thread: Citroen WRT

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    Well at least all the Meeke haters like ....... & Co can have their 15 mins of ecstasy and then decide who they can hate next.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnttiL View Post
    Juho was still test driving the Yaris a few days ago.
    And so was Meeke driving a C3
    ku ois neljä pyörää ku vetäis ni ois vähän eri sekunnit kyllä pätkillä, sen mä takaan

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    Would it have been better for Meeke in the end if they had made this decision already 11 months ago, after Sardegna 2017?

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    Have none of you ever heard of the saying "basically any publicity is good publicity"?

    Meeke wasn't done for none rallying reasons, like problems in his personal life tarnishing the brand in that way. He was only making rallying related headlines.

    The Citroen team puts in a meagre amount of finance and scrounges the rest off the Arabs. They have been putting in the least amount possible to give them a reward back. Input vs reward.

    Meeke is one of the most popular drivers (for good and bad, because he's dramatic and likeable). He can win races in that car against the best in the world and even when he crashes, it's big big news. Obviously Meeke and Citroen would've rather been world champion last season, but the Citroen team got more mainstream media coverage than near enough all the other teams based off of Mexico alone last year. It was on BBC breakfast 4times the Monday after that power stage incident, when they don't/ barely even report on Wales rally GB anymore. It's not true that this is a decision made because his crashes are damaging Citroen's brand.

    It's a decision made because they are either pulling out at the end of the year, or know they are dropping Meeke anyway; and are too tight to even be bothered to pay for some expensive repairs for the rest of the season. So top level management have stepped in imo. Even if Meeke crashed 4 times till the end of the season, got 1 podium and 1 win they'd probably get a hell of a lot more publicity than they will do with Breen, Mads and the Sheikh struggling to break into the top 5 (top 10 in the Sheikhs case).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirek View Post
    I wonder what they were thinking in Citroën before. For two years we've kept discussing the fact that their driver line-up is weak but they didn't seem to care to get a proper top driver..

    This is the main point here.

    Imo the main error in Citroen team leadership was after Germany last year. Failing to get another driver (Ogier and Mikkelsen were in talks then) and keeping Meeke as the only driver doing all rounds in 2018.
    By that time it was 100% clear he won't ever get reliable + fast at the same time.

    I guess for 2017 they hoped he would keep 2016 motivation and handle the pressure while one of the two young guys will get to the top.
    But he couldn't handle the combination of car issues and pressure to perform. You can argue that Breen turned out well, but he is still not on the very top level.

    This brings us back to the start of my post, they did need a different top accomplished driver. One of these: Ogier Neuville, Tanak, Latvala, Mikkelsen... or even Sordo to bring some consistency to the team. Matton said as much after Germany 2017, but looks like Citroen leadership axed it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KKS View Post
    Paddons off at Monte`17 very damage Hyundai brand?
    Though it was a very bad incident, there weren't any pictures. These days with social media its pictures that go around the world. Pictures like...

    The fact the driver was ok and saved by the car isnt seen, it just looks like 'Citroen's crash and then look like this ...'
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    Sad for Meeke and all spectators. Everything points to an exit from Citroën at the end of the season, which would be a shame...

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    Like some of you already said, it’s not the decision but the timing of it that surprises. Obviously sorry for Meeke and Nagle, but mostly hoping this will not mean the end of Citroen WRC involvement after Rally Australia.

    The car has been fixed and if Breen manages to win a couple of events this season he can start ’19 as an underdog title contender. Getting a young and fast 2nd driver (Suninen or Tidemand) alongside a reliable experienced guy (Ostberg or Haninen) would be a fantastic full scale Citroen WRC effort next season. Time will tell if I’m just dreaming awake.

    Meanwhile, fingers crossed for the Citroen WRC team.

    PS: get ready; Brit rally journos crusade against the French manu will be resumed in a few hours…
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnttiL View Post
    Would it have been better for Meeke in the end if they had made this decision already 11 months ago, after Sardegna 2017?
    I think it's smart to look at this situation from all sides.
    Sucks for Meeke? Yes!
    Sucks for Meeke fans? Yes!
    Sucks for Citroen also yes.

    Should they keep giving Meeke "a second chance" after so many crashes? No.
    Should the headline mention he crashed too many times? No. Does that change the outcome? No.
    Should we all just sit back and watch this since we're just fans with little to none value? Fu@k Yes!

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    Odd timing for this - yes, Meeke has caused a lot of damage, but he's Citroen's only real hope of winning rallies. Why do this now when you have no one who can come in and challenge for victories? It does feel like a damage limitation exercise as they limp towards an end-of-season exit, and it's one less exciting driver in the line up which is a shame for those of us watching. I wonder if Malcolm might find the money to put him in a Fiesta for a couple of events later in the season?

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