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    Quote Originally Posted by becher View Post
    Without a doubt the best part of the interview: "I know we have it with our Puma hybrid in [World Rally Championship] and it’s actually working quite well there and we have learnt a lot from that that we can transfer to our road cars..."

    Learnt a lot from an independent engineering company using a spec component from a third party. haha
    YES. Pure P.R. BS...
    Tho I understand that "Ford Europe" could be pushing electric and hybrid because of the EU and street cars, but its interesting to see this shift about motorsport.... HOWEVER ford has been linked to F1 for 2026... So, I dont understand anything anymore haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmmjvss View Post
    Ah great. Now ford dont want hybrids and electrics in motorsport.
    It's good that they say that the spectacle created by ICE, ie. the noise, is important to connecting to their customers ie. motorsport fans.

    Toyota boss Toyoda and JM Latvala have also said about keeping ICE and changing the fuel to suit instead.

    The idea of full-electric rally cars seems to have been consigned to the dustbin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenneth View Post
    You can't learn by analyzing what someone else done? Also won't there be option to use own hybrid unit since 2025?
    Of course one can, but Ford not being all that involved in M-Sports day to day running and the fact that we are talking about a spec component which is in terms of packaging at least not really comparable to anything we see on the road, makes me think that there is very little to be learned by the Ford roadcar side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seb_sh View Post
    Ok which one of you is this?
    Wasn't this the same account that tweeted that Martin Järveoja will co-drive for Gregor Jeets next season? I heard from multiple accounts that is indeed true, one of them being oh so specific about the details surrounding the matter.
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