By far the quickest way to register for the forums is with your facebook account, just Click Here and click on the button. If you are already logged into facebook then you will receive an authorisation dialog box and after you click Approve in that, you'll be registered for the forums and able to post.

The reason this is the preferred method is that all the verification that you are a real person (and not a nasty spam bot) has already taken place at the facebook side of things so we can allow you to post immediately.

What if I don't have a facebook account / don't want to use it for the forums
On the registration page you can ignore the facebook button and fill in the standard form. You'll have to put in a valid email address and then click on a link in the email you receive.

What information do you collect about me?
When you register you are told which information you are giving us permission to access, which is literally just your facebook name and your email address. Everyone on the forum facebook or not needs a valid email address, we don't use your email for any other purpose than the forums and we don't give out email addresses to anybody else. We don't have access to any other facebook details about you, can't post on your wall and don't have access to your friends list etc.

Do I need to use my facebook name?
No! As soon as your registration is complete then you'll be given a link which will allow you to change your name to something more suitable, as many people on forums don't like posting under their real name.

Can I log into the forum directly if I've registered through facebook?
Yes, go to Settings then choose Facebook Options this will give you the option to set a password for your account (this is only for the forums, it doesn't affect facebook), then you can login to the forums directly using your display name and password. This is useful for the likes of tapatalk which isn't facebook enabled.

Spam Prevention
We employ various systems to protect against spam attack and from time to time false positives, i.e. where a legitimate registration is marked as spam, can occur. If this does happen please use the contact us form to ask for a registration.