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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyL
    Or Brawn, Branson, Bunsen from Britain and Barrichello from Brazil with a Benz in the Back
    Kudos to you Andy, I like it

    Back to the subject at hand: While I believe Ross Brawn has the ability to run a successful F1, as he is currently doing, I don't see any sure signs of a dynasty on the brink just yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firstgear
    Ferrari, MacLaren & Williams have all had great success in F1. With all that these three teams have done in the past, most people feel that these are the teams F1 can't afford to lose.

    My question is: 20 years from now, will people think the same way of Brawn GP as they do of these three other F1 greats?

    Ross has shown he's got what it takes to create and maintain a successful F1 team. If anyone has the talent to create the next F1 dynasty, I would think he might be the guy. I know it's extremely early to be thinking of this sort of thing, but will F1 have four teams that it can't afford to lose in the future?
    I have nothing against Ross. In fact, I think he has a brilliant mind when it comes to racing. However, let's hope that history doesn't forget that Ferrari, McLaren and Williams were built from scratch over many years and that Brawn GP was bought from Honda for 1 pound.
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