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    Quote Originally Posted by bowler
    this leads back to the argument that created the rotation system in the first place.
    Which events stay and which don't?
    That's up to FIA at the moment as there aren't a rules governing the selection of the events for annual calendar.

    In many ways, I find allowing events themselves have influence quite an attractive proposition. Then again, calendar should be fixed quite early to facilitate planning and for events at the second half of the season that would leave quite a gap (more than a year) - though that's the case even with the current system anyway.

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    This issue has come back on the FIA agenda.
    The main challenge with the rotation calendar is that the organisers need to keep their staff trimmed and up to date.
    The current format of WRC is demanding on staff, and if they only are used every 2nd year, some will be gone.

    The other aspect is sponsors. Harder to get same comittment if they get half the publisity.

    Can neighbouring countries work more together, to get a ok system to get more rounds, more challenge, both for drivers and teams, and more entertainment for us as fans?

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