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  1. part 2...

    part 2
  2. Biggest Crashes of the Decade Pt.1 - Banger Racing

    As the title says, all of the banger racing's biggest crashes I've caught squeezed into a short video featuring tracks up and down the country and also the Netherlands. Sit back and enjoy some...
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    Biggest Crashes of 2020 - Banger Racing

    All of the biggest banger racing crashes of the 2020 season featuring tracks from up and down the UK! Although it's been a strange year it certainly didn't stop the usual suspects in causing carnage...
  4. Highlights of the annual Halloween meeting at Kings Lynn, UK

    Featuring one of the biggest Jaguar wrecks in recent time!
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    Something a bit different

    Hi everyone,

    I film banger racing events in and around the UK and managed to get back out there for the return of UK banger racing this past weekend in the form of Kings Lynn's annual East Anglian...
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