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    2020 Russian GP - Sochi

    Dazey, you shouldn't be so quick to pull out the Haters card. Looks to me like Baggy is asking an honest question. As for your question: "That all

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    2020 Russian GP - Sochi

    What are you on about ?

    What is prejudiced about asking why he went much farther out than anyone else to do his practice start ?

    Bagwan Today, 14:20 Go to last post
    The Black Knight

    2020 Russian GP - Sochi

    I actually donít think he did break the rules. Where he did his practice starts were within the letter of the law. This is the hairy fairy grey area Iíve

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    The Black Knight

    2020 Russian GP - Sochi

    Iíve no issue with the timed penalty, itís the two penalty points that were completely over the top.

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    2020 Russian GP - Sochi

    I am saying they would have given Hamilton a fair and proper punishment with the benefit of having all the information to hand. If they had done so before

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