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    Stages of transportation of special equipment

    When transporting oversized special equipment, the following rules must be observed:

    It is important to minimize the center of gravity of the special equipment located on the cargo area.

    JackServer 1st October 2019 08:10
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    Allez Andruet

    Silly Season 2020

    Sorry but no, I don't buy it. Not claiming Tommi would be the second coming of Warren Buffett but it's complete nonsense that "everybody could run

    Allez Andruet Today, 19:41 Go to last post

    Silly Season 2020

    yes they are different,but Tommi wouldnt put his money to run Toyota programm if it wasnt profitable,nor he would be satisfied to run a multiyear wrc

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    Citroen WRT

    Watching the last videos from Catalunya testing, showing the significant aero updates, I mainly focused to the strangely shaped headlights.

    Yugo_para_siempre Today, 19:16 Go to last post
    Allez Andruet

    Silly Season 2020

    Oh yes it is, very possible. Making a profit and having a healthy budget are two totally different things.

    And who cares if some previous

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    Silly Season 2020

    that couldnt happened without toyota money.
    Anyway probbly you didnt understand my post.
    What i was trying to say is that,of course you will

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