World cars on postage stamps

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To many individuals, stamp collecting might seem like an anachronistic hobby an old-fashioned characteristic of old-timey Americana similar to soda shops and visits from the milkman. Is collecting stamps still a thing? The answer may surprise you - there are a lot of cars on stamps .

While stamp collecting may not be as visible as it once was, what this reflects is more the fragmentation of our overall culture and the proliferation of other niche interests. In fact, like a lot of things in the age of the Internet, stamp collecting has found new audiences. Thanks to emerging overseas markets and the passionate interests of long-time philatelists at home, it could be argued that stamp collecting trends are more alive now than ever before.


The origins of postage stamps and stamp collecting are tied to the rise of the middle class in the 19th century. As the Industrial Revolution led to more economic and geographic mobility, communication became big business. Private couriers were replaced with more accessible public postal systems, necessitating new and simplified payment methods. Adhesive stamps were first issued in Britain in 1840, when the initial run of Penny Blacks was printed, entitling the sender to domestic delivery of any letter weighing up to a half ounce.

It didn't take long for stamp collecting to become a popular hobby, due in no small part to the well-known Victorian thirst for novelty. By 1860, stamps were being issued all over the world and stamp collecting had become a global obsession. National postal systems quickly recognized an opportunity for generating extra revenue and began issuing stamps specifically for the collector's market.
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