Flyttstädfabriken - a cleaning company on guard of cleanliness and order

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Professional cleaning is not just cleaning , but a whole range of services. It transforms any room, returns comfort and coziness to it. We are a Flyttstädfabriken cleaning company, and we know everything about quality cleaning.

Our cleaning company provides a wide variety of services:
cleaning - professionally clean and tidy up your house, apartment, cottage, cottage, from the nursery to the pantry;
business cleaning - we carry out a systematic cleaning of business centers, including caring for the adjacent territory, washing facades, cleaning public spaces, tenant offices, we provide maintenance cleaning and periodic general cleaning;
cleaning after repair - we will save you from the tedious chores associated with the joys of a housewarming;
maid - invite only trusted maids, couriers, housekeepers, with recommendations, professional experience, and all the necessary skills;
dry cleaning - the most difficult pollution is no longer a problem;
hire - take care of cleanliness in your hands with the help of the most modern equipment;
industrial mountaineering - your facades will always be clean.
This is a leading cleaning company in Stockholm. So everyone who used our services believes. We are hired in a critical situation, recommended to friends, relatives and business partners. We are trusted by the most demanding customers, from large organizations.

Benefits of cleaning service
Flyttstäd employees are professional maids and cleaners who have passed the test of their knowledge and practical skills.
We use only environmentally friendly chemistry, which does not pose a threat to your health, does not harm our employees, and also does not threaten the environment.
We have affordable rates. Our cleaning cleaning prices will not force you to abandon all its advantages. And the constant promotions and discounts that we hold provide an opportunity to save additional money. We are always ready to meet you!
Flyttstädfabriken lean has modern washing equipment in its arsenal. It carefully removes the most complex contaminants in any surface. At the same time, the most expensive repairs will not suffer, because we know how to handle any coating materials.
Our cleaning is always comprehensive. It is not just a clean floor and walls. We take care of furniture, glass, mirrors, and everything that needs to be cleaned.
The schedule of our cleaning service is universal. We work for you 24 hours a day. We have no days off. We are ready to come on a holiday.
Flyttstädfabriken leaves for the place within an hour. Our employees can go to order an increased urgency, and perform high-quality cleaning even in difficult situations.
The Flyttstädfabriken team travels to objects of varying complexity, from a one-time cleaning in the nursery to general cleaning after repair.
We work with any meter, from the pantry to the country cottage.
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