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    Stages of transportation of special equipment

    When transporting oversized special equipment, the following rules must be observed:

    It is important to minimize the center of gravity of the special equipment located on the cargo area.

    JackServer 1st October 2019 08:10
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    New R4 Car - Think Tank

    How long ago was it FIA went for an overprized kit from Oreca, that formed the basis for the new R4 class, not long.
    Now we see cars coming on the

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    Silly Season 2020

    Guys.. Your over thinking it. 10s between 4 or 5 drivers? For 99% of the time, there is no room for strategy. Its just flat out.

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    Silly Season 2020

    Yes it did give Tšnak something. If they had not finished before Ogier the gap between them now would be 36 points, not 38. Yes, in this instance it was

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    Silly Season 2020

    when you have so big budget,there is no credit that you managed to dont bankrupt and make profits.
    Everybody would do that.Maybe some others could

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    Will Hamilton retire at the end of the season?

    Or just checking off a few items to make sure he gets his knighthood?

    In all seriousness, no, I don't think he's thinking about retiring.

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