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    Stages of transportation of special equipment

    When transporting oversized special equipment, the following rules must be observed:

    It is important to minimize the center of gravity of the special equipment located on the cargo area.

    JackServer 1st October 2019 08:10
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    Silly Season 2020

    I dont think its about that he feels threatened by them, just its hard to play teamgame if his teammates are thinking that they are fighting for championships

    Oraamat Today, 09:35 Go to last post

    New R4 Car - Think Tank

    Is there an online form where spectators can write into the FIA officials, writing that there are some people who do not want to watch boring 4wd R2 cars?

    Zeakiwi2 Today, 09:23 Go to last post

    [WRC] Rally Catalunya

    It's absolutely easy to see ss1 and ss3 and then again ss4 and ss6 in a different spot.
    Remember that usually, cars start every 3 minutes on Friday

    Priorat Today, 09:14 Go to last post

    Silly Season 2020

    -Able to give the Safari a miss, if he does not want the full round of vaccine shots necessary to go to that part of Africa.

    The toyota negotiators

    Zeakiwi2 Today, 09:00 Go to last post

    Silly Season 2020

    Some things that Tšnak could be negotiating about

    - The salary
    - The length of the contract
    - How much PR he has to do for Toyota

    AnttiL Today, 08:43 Go to last post