1. Stages of transportation of special equipment

    When transporting oversized special equipment, the following rules must be observed:

    It is important to minimize the center of gravity of the special equipment located on the cargo area.
    The driver of the transport on which the special equipment is to be transported must have a circular view.
    You should make sure that there are no problems with the controllability and stability of vehicles selected for the transport of special equipment.
    Loading of special equipment ...

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  3. What driver's license is required in Spain to rent a car?

    Having your own car greatly simplifies the movement in Spanish cities, resort areas and suburbs. It is not surprising that foreign citizens living in the country on a permanent basis, sooner or later think about acquiring local rights. The driver's license they obtained in Spain eliminates the many legal formalities associated with the use of foreign rights in the country.

    What is permitted by law and what is actually
    The International Convention, which is signed for all EU countries, ...