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13th December 2007, 06:28
what tracks have you practiced/ raced at? so far fo me Ive just done CartBC.. because theres not really anyother tracks around.. I plan to do this circuit backwards whenever it's less cold lol

heres 3/4's of a lap done by moi..

17th August 2008, 09:40
We've done Lakeside, Rye House, Red Lodge, Wildtracks, Sandown, Milton Keynes, Rogue Racing, Indikart, Buckmore Park and a few others. Wanting to give Ellough Park a try soon.

http://www.thrashed-racing.co.uk or http://www.new.facebook.com/profile.php?id=518539781#/pages/Thrashed-Racing/34583302666?ref=mf

5th September 2008, 22:17
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18th September 2008, 19:32
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