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4th January 2007, 18:16
Caption this image:


And Happy New Year! I wish for an exciting 2007 season!

4th January 2007, 18:20
Briatore to Dennis (Dennis about to smash wine glass on Briatore's bonce)

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean what I said!"

4th January 2007, 18:51

"... and this is how you push down his eyebrows so that they fit under the helmet..."

4th January 2007, 19:01
Flav: "I will not drink a merlot!"

4th January 2007, 19:15
Briatore: Hey, hey don't talk to me wearing that suit.

Brown, Jon Brow
4th January 2007, 19:34
Briatore: 'count on my fingers how many more wins my team got last year!'

4th January 2007, 20:02
"This is how many times Fernando will fail to finish a race this year"

4th January 2007, 20:03

"You see, I have nothing up my sleeves, I will now show you how to bring two world championships to your team from nothing"

4th January 2007, 20:06
"Hey, all I'm-a saying is that I can put you in-a touch with a really good tailor..."

4th January 2007, 20:20
"Sorry, no, you can't have our next world champion".


4th January 2007, 21:27
"look, Don't Want To Hear It Ron, Heikki Is Not For Sale!"

4th January 2007, 21:35
'Alonso has a secret clause in his contract preventing him from winning with another team. Oh, he didn't mention it to you? Sorry, I can't do nothing about it now!'

4th January 2007, 22:18
Briatore to Denis: "You think we had a V8, No, we used a compact V10,
10 cylinders, you count 10",
"How goods your engine?!"

4th January 2007, 23:39
i love kimis helmet!!!

5th January 2007, 01:45
Briatore - "what? no i wasnt the one that farted, i swear it wasnt me!!"

5th January 2007, 05:08
Flav. "Don't ask me! Fred's your problem now, Bro"!!!

5th January 2007, 05:09
Great stuff everyone!!

5th January 2007, 06:15
Back off Ron !! I am not a fag, the watch matches the car if you remember correctly !!

5th January 2007, 08:01
Flav: Seriously, our top drivers now Fisi, can I PLEASE have Alonso back?
Ron: I would, but not until you decide to put your arms down, you're emmiting a foul smelling effluvium from your armpits.
Flav: I try okay? Theres no deodorant strong enou... Ron what the hell were you thinking wearing that?

5th January 2007, 10:27
Whats that in your pocket Ron?

5th January 2007, 12:10
Flav: OOoooooo my Goooood, Ronnie I just love the tie. I'l give you ten, LOOK, TEN grand for the tie. I'l even throw in the watch. It is to die for, darling.

5th January 2007, 13:04

"... and this is how you push down his eyebrows so that they fit under the helmet..."

AHAHAHAH, good one!

Rusty Spanner
5th January 2007, 13:21
Flav: "I don't believe it Ron. We're wearing the same colour of fake tan"

jonny hurlock
5th January 2007, 14:06
flav: hmmm, green is your colour ron (thinking to himself) (mygod,what a horribable colour suit then i ever seen in my life!)