View Full Version : UK-Bercy Karting Event???!

6th October 2007, 18:08
Hey guys I'm a nem member here, I adore motorsport. I would like some help, I have found information that there is a charity kart race at Rye House in Hertfordshire.

It's being marketed as a UK-Bercy, I used to love that event back in the 90's and if we are having one here I would be really interested in going.

It's in aid of Cancer Research it seems and already has Plato, Menu, Javier Villa, Legge, Engel, Asmer and a load more. Autosport and Motorsport News have said that Glock and Jamie Green are meant to be coming as well, and I heard a rumour that written in a Chicago newspaper that Danica was doing it???

Has anyone else heard anything?

On Autosport it said the official website was http://www.theraceagainstcancer.co.uk

Henry Cutts
23rd October 2007, 09:39
Looks like a great event, hope it goes well for them! it's a great circuit.