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25th August 2007, 03:25
Well, we know that in F1, the budget had to be $100M. And for an American to join the F1 ranks, you have to race GP2.

If any US team wants to get a struggling GP2 team in order to get another American (No Punky QBs allowed), how much do they have to put to run it?

Even if it means to have an European base?

3rd October 2007, 18:07
At the start, team budget to race to a GP2 team is about € 900,000 to € 1,300,000, depends on the team you want to do it.

Commando Cody
3rd October 2007, 21:31
I am also very curious about the financial underpinnings of GP2 and how it compares to other formula.

Originally, I believe the GP2 organizers envisioned a limit of 15 teams of two cars each. Is a GP2 team required to buy a franchise and, if so, how much does it cost?

Do GP2 races have a prize purse (like A1GP or the Indy Pro Series)?

Do the GP2 organizers have a revenue sharing arrangement with the team owners? For instance, do they get a portion of television revenues or gate receipts?

Do GP2 team owners receive appearance money and/or travel expenses?

Is there something similar to the Concorde Agreement in GP2?

Bridgestone is supplying three slick tire compounds for racing on dry (soft, medium and hard), as well as a wet specification. The choice of tire compound being raced is made jointly by the manufacturer and the GP2 Series organizers prior to each event. This implies that Bridgestone and the series organizers are distributing a certain number of control tires to the teams prior to each event. Do the teams have a standard contract with Bridgestone and/or the organizers for supply of their tires? If so, roughly how much would such a contract cost?

Renault (Mecachrome) is providing sealed engines to GP2. Are they leased? Do the teams own their engines or must they be returned to Renault at the end of a lease? How much does a standard engine lease cost?

Are there entry fees for GP2 races? If so, how much?

All but one of the “main” GP2 Series have joined the GP2 Asia Series, which means that they’ll be traveling to race venues far from their home bases. Who is providing and paying for the transportation – Bernie Ecclestone’s Formula One travel agency?

How does the “typical” GP2 team owner make ends meet; sponsorship and/or ride buyers? What would be the rough percentage of each in support of the average team budget?

Please don’t feel one needs exact figures to answer, I’m just trying to get a rough idea of the financial structure behind the sport. Conjecture and informed guesses would be welcomed, too.


21st July 2008, 10:18
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