View Full Version : Revised WTCC Ballasts

22nd December 2006, 08:14
As I am sure you are all aware a change in the weight penalties in the WTCC has been approved.


I daren't speculate on what that may mean to the drivers/teams in terms of how much it makes things more equal for example in case I get it wrong so I will just ask this query.

Firstly, when it says "according to the sum of points obtained in the two races of each event" what does that mean? The one that gets the most points when totalled gets the new 20kg of ballast for being first?

Also when it mentions The maximum handicap weight imposed under b) is set at + 40 kg (previously + 60 kg) and the minimum at 10 kg (previously 20 kg), according to the Championship points: 5 kg for every 10 points scored and d) handicap weights a) b) and c) are cumulative up to a maximum of 60 kg (previously 80 kg) what do those mean?.

I have more that come fromt the official regulations PDF document on the WTCC website but it will all come later in the thread.