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18th December 2006, 12:13
Self explanatory. Rate the Grands prix of 2006 from 0 to 5 (5 being the best possible score) - or 0 to 10 using the same formula. Give reasons why you rated the certain races as such.

Hungarian GP - 5/5.
By far the best race of the year. The startline action was furious, the first laps were more exciting than all of about 1/3 of the races this year. The plot kept developing and the action was still furious and unfolding right up until the end, and past the finish! Classic IMO.

Turkish GP - 4.5/5.
The passing was brilliant, the unfolding of events kept you hooked, and coupled with the fact that there was actually passing on track (and plenty of it), along with the brilliant pressure and brilliant defense of the last 15 laps means that you can't miss this.

Chinese GP - 4.5/5.
Great race in the wet. I wasn't as pumped about this as Turkey, as I had to wait 6 hours after getting the result until I saw it on TV. Drama's unfolded, great on-track passing, and a bloody good way to win the last race of your career.

Monaco GP - 4/5.
Everyone knows about the qualifying gaffe but it didn't detract from the race in the slightest. Pressure was constant on Alonso until about lap 50 when 2nd and 3rd placesblew up behind him, making the end result at the front a bit disappointing. Some brilliant passes, the unfolding of everything starting from qualifying on saturday meant that this was one of the more charged and enjoyable races of the year, which was surprising at Monaco.

Australian GP - 4/5.
Action was brilliant. Great passing, great action, great show all round. Events unfolded until the end including 4 safety cars and Button's finish line expiry. Brilliant show - One of the reason's I'm heading there next year.

Brazilian GP - 4/5.
Everyone seems to rate this one very highly, but to be honest I didn't exactly enjoy it as much as the ones above. Maybe this was to do with the camera missing out on half of the action on track in its pursuit of the #6 Ferrari. Great passes, but I'm not too sure why I didn't enjoy it more.

Canadian GP - 3.5/5.
Good race. Not exactly standout material as it was pretty much a cruise up front that was aided by McLaren's pitcrew shenanigans. Event reminded me of Australian GP, except less eventful. At this point in the season it looked like a Renault sleeper which detracted from it in the end.

German GP - 3.5/5.
Up front it was a walk. In hindsight, I probably enjoyed it a lot more than I should have because Webber was driving brilliantly to what looked to be a podium place in the substandard Williams. There were quite a few good passes down the order as well, a few more than a couple of the races this year. Since this race was after France it was all the more apparent.

Japanese GP - 3.5/5. My power blacked out until 9 laps from the end. Man I regret that. The racing wasn't as flash as it could've been (ie 2005 race) but the unfolding of events certainly was. Can't comment any more, though I wish I could.

Italian GP - 3.5/5. The on track action was a bit poor to be honest. This probably should be down the list a bit more but there was enough happening (ie the blowout, retirement at home ground, Kubica 3rd) to warrant a 3.5. A race that may be looked on in future as great, despite the lack of action.

Malaysian GP - 3/5.
Nothing spectacular unfortunately. Though we did have the interesting development of the Ferrari's sinking down the order - something that happened to renault in a few of the races at the tail end of the year which livened things up a bit. Though this was one of the 4 races I missed this year and I can't say I regret missing it.

Bahrain GP - 3/5.
Considering how good the Australian race this year, it's a shame that wasn't the season opener. Atmosphere wasn't that great and on track it was a bit average bar some pitlane blunders etc. Admittedly I missed this one too.

European GP - 3/5.
This was the 4th one I missed. I turned the TV off after a while as the action wasn't great enough to make me lose sleep over.

United States GP - 2.5/5.
Yes, there was a big pileup. Yes, there was quite a few expired engines afterwards. Yes, Alonso only managed 5th. But so what? Maybe my perception is screwed by the fact that a faulty TV guide meant I missed the starting laps of the race at 2:30 in the morning, But really, I should've slept in based on what I saw.

British GP - 2/5.
Some may disagree, but this race was very boring. Button blew up on home turf, Schumacher pitpassed Raikkonen and Speed ended Ralf and Webber. Other than that it was painfully dull, but the atmosphere was there (I think?)

Spanish GP - 2/5.
Once again, there was atmosphere here in a race that was painfully dull. Hell, A couple of people on the forum were praising Ralf for attempting to make a pass despite the fact that he almost ended his and his team-mates race. That's how dull it was to me. God knows why I laboured on to watch it.

Wooden Spoon:

French GP - 1.5/5.
Forget abour ridiculous ticket prices, I would pay for the French GP NOT to be here. 70000 people in the middle of nowhere is good, but the atmosphere was **** and the racing was ****. A couple of incidents on track prevent this from maybe being the worst GP ever. And I probably would go that far for this race.

Please add your opinions on this years races. :up:

18th December 2006, 14:30
I dont have time to rate all of them, but I will rate my favourite:

Brazilian GP - 9.5/10. Because of the passing, because Button had a great drive in the Honda, because Sato had a great drive in the Super Aguri, because of Schumi's pass on Kimi and because of Schumi's racing in his final race and because we said goodbye to Michellin.