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12th June 2007, 19:19
1. Each race week a list of 5 drivers will be listed. Pick the order the drivers will finish in respect to each other using the names as written.

2. Submit your position picks before noon (EST) on race day.

3. Any driver that is not racing for whatever reason will be counted as a last position finish.

Scoring will be as follows:
1st correct pick = 5 points 2nd correct pick = 6 pts 3rd correct pick = 8 pts 4th correct pick = 10 pts 5th correct pick = 12 pts
All incorrect pick are worth 1 point each.

-For a possible HIGH of 41 points to a LOW of 5 points per race week-
Ties will be scored by the order of submission and/or editing.

Want to play? You can start any week - just submit your position picks here.
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See if you can sort these drivers out. Put these drivers in the order you believe they will finish against each other.

Truex Jr - 1
Dale Jr - 8
Yeley - 18
Mears - 25
Edwards - 99

12th June 2007, 21:46
princess, Nextel Cup is racing @ Michigan this week .....
I recommend you start a new thread if you don't mind.

I would edit it for you but they won't give me the authority to do it. :s
I ask but management has chosen to not use me & instead choose to ignore my full potential. :s
Management fails to see what a benefit I would be to them. :s
It is their loss.

12th June 2007, 23:34
Must Of Hit The Wrong 'drop Down' Reposted Under Michigan