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14th June 2023, 18:39
2023/24 Nitrocross schedule:

* June 16-17: MidAmerica Outdoors, Oklahoma
* Aug 18-19: Utah Motorsports Campus
* Nov 10-11: Wild Horse Pass, Arizona
* Dec 9-10: Glen Helen, Clifornia
* Feb 2-3: Stampede Park, Calgary
* Feb / March: TBD

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Round 1 is this weekend. Group E entry list:

* Vermont: Travis Pastrana, Conner Martell.
* Dreyer & Reinbold: Robin Larsson, Andreas Bakkerud, Conor Daly, Fraser McConnell.
* Xite: Kris Meeke, Oliver Bennett.
* OMSE: Kevin Eriksson, Oliver Eriksson, Benito Guerra

So the top 9 drivers in the 2022/23 season will be present.

30th June 2023, 18:03
Nitrocross signed a broadcasting deal with Rumble, an alt-right video platform.

They took over a week to upload highlights clips to YouTube.

The track is a nice rollercoaster, but cars would quickly spread out, and there was little side-by-side racing.