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Damian Baldi
27th March 2021, 12:59
First date of the 2021 RallyMobil. It's a race without points to allow drivers and teams to get used of the new cars.

This race mark the came back of the peruvian drivers and teams with Nicolas Fuchs with a Skoda Evo2. The Heller brothers debut their new CitroŽn C3 cars too.

There was a shakedown yesterday, and today is the race with 10 SS.

Live video

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7th September 2022, 11:45
I didn't notice there were a section for the rallyes on the american continent...and a thread for the chilean championship on it :mark:

This coming weekend Mads ÷stberg will drive in Rally Bio Bio Los Angeles ;)

I wonder if he was invited by CitroŽn Chile :confused:

I found the news on http://www.rallymobil.cl/

Edit: apparently looks like the C3 Mads will drive belongs to the Heller brothers(they seem to have three cars) :confused:

the sniper
7th September 2022, 21:07
I wonder if he was invited by CitroŽn Chile :confused:

Got to have been, surely. Unless the Hellers asked Citroen for help on getting more out of what they've got and they've sent Ostberg to help?

12th September 2022, 19:35
I think it also involves the promoters of RallyMobil. At the start of the season, they were planning an "international" event with some foreign drivers to be somewhat like a candidate event for next year's WRC event.

1st December 2022, 11:38
This coming weekend Mads is back in Chile to run the Rally Bio Bio :D

Since his clear victory in Bio Bio Los Angeles, he's the favourite again :p:

23rd March 2023, 11:54
Before the start of the new season(next week), another driver presents his new car(non painted yet though): Gerardo Rosselot :D


22nd December 2023, 17:26
2023 Rally Mobil schedule:

* March 31 - April 2: Los Ńngeles
* April 28-29: Laja - San Rosendo
* June 9-11: ChillŠn
* July 7-8: Santa Juana
* August 18-19: Quillůn
* Sep 28 - Oct 1: Rally Chile BiobŪo
* November 17-19: La AraucanŪa
* December 8-10: Osorno (doubleheader)

2023 Rally Mobil / RC2 Pro final standings:

* 1. Jorge Martinez Fontena (äkoda), 131
* 2. Pedro Heller (CitroŽn), 131
* 3. Alberto Heller (CitroŽn), 112
* 4. Emilio Rosselot (CitroŽn), 74
* 5. Gerardo "Gerita" Rosselot (CitroŽn), 64
* 6. Emilio Andrťs Fernandez (äkoda), 62
* 7. Benjamin Israel (CitroŽn), 54
* 8. Eduardo Kovacs (äkoda), 34

2023 Rally Mobil / RC4 Pro final standings:

* 1. Tadeo Rosselot (Peugeot), 176
* 2. Patricio MuŮoz (Peugeot), 138
* 3. Mario Alejandro Parra (Opel), 119
* 4. Ignacio Gardiol (Renault), 87
* 5. Felipe Padilla (Peugeot), 38
* 6. Jose David Quezada (Peugeot), 38