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12th March 2019, 06:42
I am quite new to Formula E and kinda got my grasp on most of the things but I still don't know what is that "full power" mode that commentators refer to. Sarkari Result (https://sarkariresult.onl/) Pnr Status (https://pnrstatus.vip/) Showbox (https://showbox.bio/) I've searched but all Google tells me is about attack mode which I know it isn't. Can someone explain if that full power mode is one of the mapping systems that drivers set on their steering wheels? Sorry for stupidity.

18th March 2019, 08:46
Not a stupid question - as I realised when I tried to come up with a short but comprehensive answer to it! Essentially, yes, it's part of the engine mapping, since the cars are restricted to 200kW of power under normal circumstances, but there is a 250kW mode available during qualifying (those numbers as of this year's new car). Most teams do one qualifying lap at normal speed (to get a banker lap in) then one at full power, though it has been known for drivers to go straight into their full power lap. Full power is also available for Superpole, should you get that far.

Much as it would with conventional fuel, however, full power does drain the battery more quickly, hence the 200kW limit for the race.

(I think all that's fundamentally correct, but if anyone wants to add anything, feel free...)

26th April 2019, 20:54
Qualifying mode is meant with "full power". It's the maximum power output of the car, which is equivalant to 250 KwH. Race mode is 200 KwH with an 25 KwH boost in attack mode.