View Full Version : FE Fans needed please!

8th February 2019, 10:58
Hello FE fans

I need your help please! I am researching FE and its fans for a work project. Could you please spare a few mins to answer these questions to help me build a true picture of why you love the sport?

1. How old are you? What is your background?
2. What other sports do you follow other than FE?
3. Do you watch F1?
4. What are your likes / dislikes about FE
5. What platform do you watch FE on?
6 . How much would you pay to go to an FE event / car exhibition?

Thanks in advance!

14th December 2020, 19:48
1. 35
2. F1 and MotoGP
3. Yes
4. i like the sound and no fluel car. I don't like format of race weekend
5. Tv
6. max 50€