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Scuderia ferrari
12th December 2006, 19:51
What did you think of the 2006 series then? Were you nearly dropping asleep or jumping on the sofa for your favorite driver?

For me, i could not get enough of the Alonso .v. Schumacher battle, but the first half of the series was quite boring with complete Alonso dommination

Also, what was the high point of 2006 for you? Maybe it was button winning his first race or something else.

For me, it was When Scumacher won at Monza, and Alonso blew up, a very happy moment, and also sad as he announced he was retiring.

12th December 2006, 20:05
High: Alonso race in Hungary while it lasted.
Low: FIA decission in Monza.
Good news: Button winning his 1st race.
Exciting: Yes, especially the second half.
Worst news: Schumacher retiring, but he did it properly.

12th December 2006, 20:22
Can't deny I jumped off my bed in joy when Schumacher retired in Japan.

Button's win was a nice moment and the lowest was the FIA around the Monza days

12th December 2006, 20:27
Could I suggest we remove the word racing and replace it with "User Acceptance Testing". The sport is now so highly developed all you end up seeing are the results of an obscene amount of computer programming and very little real engineering or drivers actually driving as opposed to operating their cars.

In reply to the inialt question- BORING (apart from when the weather intervened)

12th December 2006, 20:30
Early season was rather boring, not until few mechanicals for Alonso put MS closer was there anything special. People i rooted for had no chances for title this year, here's hoping for a better next year. :)

12th December 2006, 23:05
Without a doubt the Schuey vs Alonso battle, even the first half of the season was exciting with the fight in pit lane.
My favourite moments were Hungary with Button's win, Schuey's problems, Alonso's magnificent drive and the Schuey vs Alonso scrap.
Also China with Alonso trying to hold on and the Alonso vs Fisichella vs Schumacher moment.
I have to admit Schuey's drive at Brazil was one of the best ever.
The low point was the FIA at Monza. That made me lose all faith in the FIA.

13th December 2006, 03:56
It was good, but only really started to come to life in Hungary and beyond.

Low point was arguably Monza, but in terms of the worst race it was by far France. How that race retains the venue amazes me considering how poor the racing is.

I have to admit the first half of the season would have been much better if it didn't look so easy for Renault and Alonso.

13th December 2006, 05:23
Low point was Silverstone. YAWN. Worst motor race ever. Most surprising (and best) race was Hungary for me. Noone would've suspected that one of the seasons most thrilling races would've been at HUNGARY. The last few races had me on edge throughout the Alonso-Schumacher battle.

13th December 2006, 06:00
Well, I guess the 2006 season can be summed up in 3 words "Safety Car Period" what was up with that?!? I remember a time when first lap pile-ups resulted in Drivers running back to the garages to jump into spare cars, now we get to see the mercedes safety car!

Oh and other highlights was Alonso imitating his favorite movie characters, and looking like he needed "special care" :)

13th December 2006, 08:41
The highlight of the season for me was the Alonso v Schumacher battle. We've waited a long time for someone to challenge MS's dominance and Alonso stepped up to the plate superbly. But, Michael showed what a great champion he was by never giving up and driving perhaps the best race of his career in Brazil, just at the time he was walking away.

The low points were how the whole mass damper issue was dealt with, and how it almost affected the outcome of the championship, as well as the absurd decision to penalise Alonso at Monza. MS at Monaco was a mess, but in the end it damaged MS more than anything else.

Overall, I think it was a good season :s mokin:

13th December 2006, 09:51
But, Michael showed what a great champion he was by never giving up and driving perhaps the best race of his career in Brazil, just at the time he was walking away.
MS at Monaco was a mess, but in the end it damaged MS more than anything else.

I think that what comes first to mind about MS this season is his masterful driving and not the Monaco incident.

13th December 2006, 13:52
I thought the second half of the season was better than the first half. MS fighting back while FA was trying to hold him off was quite a thrill, and seeing new winners, i know i go on about Jenson winning, but lets not forget Massa winning was quite a highlight as well, it's great to see more drivers getting the monkeys off their back and winning races, sets up a promising 2007 season! :)

13th December 2006, 14:00
Brilliant season. One of the top three of the last 20 years for me. Alonso vs Schumi was brilliant :up:

Hopefully 2007 will be just as exciting :)

13th December 2006, 15:49
Was a good season in all fairness, gutted about the tyre war though, will be glad to see the back of that.
It was fantastic seeing Schumacher and Alonso going for it but again it was a shame a lot of it came down to tyres.
Highlight of the season had to be Brazil, watching Schmacher thinking there is still a remote chance he could do it, was gutting when his tyre let go but thats when we saw Schumacher at his best, charging his way back to the front. Will miss him dearly but i'm glad its ended like it has.

13th December 2006, 15:56
Magnificent second half of the year, with very exciting moments, such as:
Hungary: alonso walking on water (sorr Valve ;) ) and Button winning at last.
Monza: alonso's underseved penalty and engine failure that puts michael just 2 points behind.
China: alonso's problem with the tires, and the battle with Fishi and Michael.
Japan: Schumacher's engine failure gives the title to Alonso.
Brazil: incredible race for Schumacher and the second WDC for Alonso and Renault in row.

A great seasson if you aske me!

13th December 2006, 16:12
A very good season IMO, Button's win and Alonso's title arehe high points with the FIA's decision making in the second half of the year being the low point.

13th December 2006, 17:22
The second half of the season was excellent. The last time we got to see such close competition was in 2003 I think.
The high point is definitely Alonso's win, Button's win is another, and Massa's wins. I really hope he gives Kimi a run for his money next season(even though I'm a Kimi fan).
Low points were the Mass dampers incident, the Monza penalty and McLaren not getting even 1 win :( ..For me, Montoya leaving f1 was a disappointment too.
All in all an enjoyable season :)

13th December 2006, 17:42
Highlights - Standing under the podium at Monza. Those of you who are infidels will have no idea what a spiritual moment that was.

In terms of the whole season, it was good to be witness to the end of a glorious era, seeing Michael finally beaten by a truly worthy adversary, also seeing the arrival of the post-Schumi shape of F1 and quite liking the look of it.

Lowlights - A faulty valve. Still, can't win them all.

Note for the future - Forget the FIA. Once you learn to just ignore them, it's much more enjoyable.

13th December 2006, 18:48
I think Alonso's almost win in Hungary will stand out as one of the biggest race performances in the History of Formula One. To me this was the best and more enjoyable to watch moment in the entire season.
The worse I will have to say was Michael's cheating behavior in Monaco and the FIA banning of the Mass Dampers halfway through the season.
I was really letdown to see Montoya leave to NASCAR at Indy. As Barichello said in his farewell video, "He deserved better". To see a driver of his talent leave and see other like Fisi, Ralf, DC, Trulli, Wurz stay really bothered me, but I guess. I still think 2003 was a slightly better season because we had three drivers fighting for the championship up until the penultimate race at Indy.

Scuderia ferrari
13th December 2006, 21:01
I have afew others
Monza- Alonso DNFing and Schumacher's emotional but happy win.
Seeing renualt finaly struggle after laying back with mass damping.
The pile up at america, probably the biggest crash of the year.
Alonso geting a penalty for blatently blocking Massa.

Schumacher retiring from hungary
Mclaren's poor reliability (yet again!)
The crap that was chucked out at monaco about Schumacher- it was a racing accident for god's sake, he was improving his lap time anyway, alonso probably could not match it, so there would have been no point doing it.
The championship basically desided for Schumacher by a engine faliure and puncture.

donKey jote
13th December 2006, 22:22
The way Alonso drove in anger, specially Hungary, also Monza.
Hungary Hungary Hungary.
The battle with MS, decided in Alonso and Renault's favour due to mistakes by the old master and his team.
Ferrari engine blowing :p :

The wheelnut and the engine.
The battle with the windmills.
MS in Monaco qualy.
Wrong tyres in China.
Button inheriting Hungary :p :


13th December 2006, 23:34
I thought it was a good season. I enjoyed the seesawing between Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso late on in the year. The biggest surprise was clearly the Hungarian Grand Prix just being so damn good.

14th December 2006, 03:24
montoya didnt like it

14th December 2006, 07:46
M Shumacher and his amazing comeback
Button's win in Hungary
Chinese GP

Low points:
MS engine blowing in Japan
Alonso bashing Ferrari and his own team