View Full Version : Buemi's stunning championship loss in 2016-2017

13th August 2017, 12:10
I still believe that Seb Buemi is the best Formula E driver of all time, but his loss in Montreal was stunning. He thought that his 30+ point lead after Berlin was good enough for him to skip the penultimate race weekend in New York in order to race in WEC. He arrived in the final race weekend in Montreal with only a 10 points lead. Nobody was worried. After all, what could possibly go wrong with Buemi, the reigning champion and the current championship leader? Well, everything went wrong. He wrecked the car in qualifying and was penalized. He had a poor start in race 1, and a freak accident in race 2. In fact, I am surprised that he wasn't also penalized for unsafe release from pits in the race 1.