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5th July 2016, 13:37
Personally, I love Formula E. However, they need to make some changes to keep viewers interested. Firstly, on ITV's side, they need to trail it a lot more (that means on ITV AND ITV4).
Also, they need to shorten the gap between the races. There was a 6 week gap between the ePrix at the end of May and the London one. Otherwise people will lose interest.
That said, I hope ITV retain the rights to Formula E - they do it will, but the advertising needs to get a lot better.
What do people think?

5th July 2016, 13:52
The series is interesting, but not compelling IMO. I have a friend who is one of the stewards for the series and he thinks it's pretty interesting and promotes it a lot. I agree on the gaps between races.

6th July 2016, 12:12
I think that cars are too slow. They should have twice the power, and race length should be halved to compensate.

6th July 2016, 18:01
Street circuits are, generally, a bit boring. Sure you get closer racing and incidents, but it's really not exciting and the overtakes which mostly get made are predictable and tame. For some reason they also seem desperate to persevere with playing music over replays. I was really hopeful about the series when it came out, I wanted it to be interesting and I wanted it to succeed, but when I actually watched it I was left numb. I didn't know that it was London this weekend until I switched the telly on and saw it, because I don't care enough about the series to even look.

As a comparison World RX started at about the same time (slightly sooner I think). I watch the series extremely closely, both on TV and through social media. If I'm not able to watch a race live then I'll watch it on catch up, that includes watching back the Lydden Hill races which I actually went to see. I know all the regular drivers and which ones are competitive..BUT, above all, I enjoy watching the racing and find it exciting, almost without fail. Sure it's a bit gimmicky, wouldn't survive without energy drink sponsorship and sometimes has a bit too much contact, but it has something which Formula E is lacking. So for those reasons I pay more attention to the social media surrounding it and therefore am always aware of when a race is coming up.

24th December 2016, 23:04
Anybody know when the batteries will be freed up for the teams to source them as they wish? It would be interesting to get some sort of technological competition between battery manufacturers.

I also agree with the cars needing more power. "Real" race circuits would also be nice.

26th February 2017, 05:00
Yes Formula E is interesting. Short races, high drama. SB is on a roll . Now it is worth watching to see when Buemi will get knocked off after winning the first 3 races

21st June 2017, 17:28
In the future of Formula e I'd like to see:

No more mid race car changes (It looks silly and reinforces the view that electric cars lack range and take too long to recharge)

Better, shorter gaps between races

Finding a few full time racetracks that are close enough to City Centres.

13th August 2017, 12:04
It would be great if the technology allowed to race on the normal road courses. Some of Formula E circuits are nice, but it gets boring when they race weekend after weekend in the middle of city blocks surrounded by concrete walls.

4th January 2018, 13:11
Anybody know when the batteries will be freed up for the teams to source them as they wish?

It would be interesting to get some sort of technological competition between battery manufacturers..

That won't happen in a long while.


29th November 2018, 23:05
It’s future is F1, it’s sole purpose is to develop the technolgy to the point that F1 migrates away from the ICE. It still has a few years, but once that happens Formula e ceases to exist or replaces F2.

21st December 2018, 11:05
not been upto date on the regulations of formula e nowadays, but from what i've seen of the races, they did seem interesting compared to F1.