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9th February 2016, 00:49
Labrie won Perce Neige 2016
Problems for L'Estage. (Report states studs used by some competitors.)

11th July 2016, 22:56
Noticed that the North American rallying section was pretty dry on Motorsport Forums, thought I'd give a go at maintaining some Canadian updates!

Subaru Rally Team Canada has had a rough go so far this year. After handily winning the 2nd round of the Canadian Rally Championship, the Rocky Mountain Rally, SRTC saw another setback to their championship run at the Rallye Baie Des Chaleurs July 2/3 after a roll set them back to almost last place in the standings.

This has allowed the championship to be up for grabs for quite a few teams, with local Quebec favourite Maxim Labrie leading currently with 18 points over westerner Wim van der Poel. With three rounds out of the way, Antoine and SRTC will need a relatively perfect season in the remaining 4 events to make his way back up the standings. With Joel Levac contesting the championship in a Prodrive WRC Mini (WRC cars are quite the rarity out in our neck of the woods), he will have his work cut out for him!

If people want more information about rally in Canada, the national website for the CRC has recently been revamped www.carsrally.ca .

And if you want some great video coverage of the events, CRC's youtube channel has all of the episodes that air on TV listed online for free viewing :D

A great site for news during events is cdnrally.com, not only do they have event updates, they have a live social platform portion that grabs all twitter/facebook/instagram posts that are tagged and displays them, along with live vehicle tracking at the national events.


5th August 2016, 17:58
2nd round of the Canadian Rally Championship is up on youtube, the Rocky Mountain Rally! Lots of attrition at the top of the field, made for an interesting weekend. Was fun to see my name in the top 10 briefly before I binned it into a bank on stage 5 :(

But overall the event was a great one, the teams from out east travel over 4,000kms ONE WAY to get to this event, seeing that level of commitment to the championship is great!


Some of the better photos I found from around the web!




25th November 2016, 19:39
The Rally of the Tall Pines is happening this weekend in Bancroft, Ontario and the excitement has been turned up a notch with Travis Pastrana showing up in a Vermont Sports Car/Subaru Rally Team USA STi!

An event with few comparisons in North America, Tall Pines is rally at its finest; huge jumps, tight twisty sections, and flat out from the word go. And it's also over 200 stage kms of racing in a single grueling day.

I myself have been to Tall Pines 4 times (2007/2008/2009/2010) and only managed to finish the first time :eek: It's an event that will chew you up and spit you out, and that's why I love it.

In addition to TP showing up, world famous downhill mountain bike star Brandon Semenuk will be there tearing up the roads. Rumor has it Rocket Rally, in conjunction with Subaru Canada, will have him in a wild open class Crosstrek. (rumor no more!)

http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e98/hitempguy/15195908_1534558226561445_1833847102332749565_o_zp snvicjmyy.jpg

You guys can follow along at cdnrally.com where they have live tracking of the cars as well as collecting all sorts of social media platforms into one place. If you wonder why so much stuff I post is from cdnrally, well, that is because Peter Macdonald basically lives and breathes rally in Canada and is a major source of pictures. I'd post other pictures if I had access to high quality shots from other photogs, but they are hard to find.



Full TSN HD coverage from the 2015 event: