View Full Version : Volvo should come back to the BTCC

24th March 2014, 20:58
Honestly, I think that volvo should come back into BTCC, they where great then and are doing very well this year in the V8 Supercars.
Currently, Volvo are racing in the European touring car championship and V8 supercars, it seems to me that they are starting to get back into the swing of things. The new cars for this year do look very nice with the sky blue in both championship racing cars, they are very easily spotted and are always upfront winning races in the European championship and podiums in there first v8 season. This is surely going to make them eger for more sucsess?
There are some thoughts of redline racing bringing a s60 volvo sometime this year into the btcc, however seeing as I havent read or seen anyhing else about it, im optomistic that its going to happen...
If they do return im sure they will be beating the Hondas, MG and Ford once again and become winners I yet another racing category.

Thanks for reading!!

26th March 2014, 18:33
I would love to see Volvo back in the BTCC but being Chinese owned I guess their focuss is mainly on the Asian-Pacific area and other more international championships, which is a pity because the BTCC is fantastic publicity.