View Full Version : It's very quiet here again?

Alfa Fan
29th November 2013, 22:38
The forum seems to be incredibly quiet these days?

No discussion of the new Honda Civic Estate?

Is anyone else still around?

30th November 2013, 00:20
Yes, but there's never any meaningful discussion here any more. Shame, as the BTCC season just gone was probably as good as one could hope for in current times not least in terms of driving standards, especially in comparison with the WTCC, which degenerated into farce at its finale.

I must say I can barely be bothered with the forums any more, and not just this one. So little of interest.

Alfa Fan
30th November 2013, 04:18
I've been on these boards for 12 years now, it's definitely been declining. I remember the days of people listening to TOCA radio coupled with the live timing trying to deceiver what was going on. And of course everyone seemed to have an opinion on the incidents even though they couldn't possibly have seen them (me as guilty as anyone).

journeyman racer
30th November 2013, 09:15
I may be a newbie, but I'm here :o Is there anything you want to say? Is Jordan the youngest ever BTCC winner? He'd be pretty close if not.

2nd December 2013, 19:58
A shame really, especially given the coverage and attendance at BTCC events is the best it's been for many years.

Not entirely sure what the Civic Estate is all about, the cars have been getting bigger over recent years but surely the next logical step up would have been the Accord? Let's just say if they'd released it on April 1st I'd have had a good laugh!

Alfa Fan
3rd December 2013, 15:01
The Accord isn't built in the UK though.

3rd December 2013, 22:24
Back to the good old days of the Volvo 850 Estate but i remember that not doing so well. Very weird choice if you ask me. As long as they are not dominating again i'll be happy. Would like to see Plato/Turkington/Tordoff in the title challenge next year!

3rd December 2013, 22:27
With regards to the forums, i rarely visit this forum anymore due to the lack of people. If i do i'll jump in the F1 section, seems people are atleast up for a bit of banter in there!

11th December 2013, 16:14
I've been a member on here for nearly 13 years - I've also posted on other forums but this was the one I always preferred! The decline obviously has a lot to do with social media but also sites like Wikipedia. There are also a lot more touring car news sites / e-magazines nowadays.

It's a shame they're not used as much but it's a vicious circle - people don't visit as much as there's not much activity, and vice versa!