View Full Version : BTCC 2013 - Title Showdown

29th September 2013, 20:31
OK, down to the final races again. Technically five drivers in with a chance of the title with 67 points to play for:

Jordan 378
Neal 344
Shedden 343
Turkington 330
Plato 329

........is it just me that thinks Jordan has wrapped this up already? If Turkington hadn't been knocked out of race 3 at Silverstone it would've closed things up but in all honesty I expect Jordan to be crowned champion at Brands. Anyone disagree?

29th September 2013, 21:16
Certainly more of a worthy winner than the other Honda boys.

30th September 2013, 12:46
Yes, it's a cliché, but it's Jordan's to lose. He can let the works cars win at Brands, stay out of trouble for three solid finishes and take the title that way. I actually think Neal has driven as well as Jordan this year — yesterday's clash with Tordoff was the first dodgy move Neal has pulled — but I'd much prefer to see a new name on the cup.

Langdale Forest
2nd October 2013, 21:26
Jordan will probably win the championship but he probably won't win any races at Brands Hatch.

5th October 2013, 15:41
Well after years of wanting to visit the Brands Gp loop I have been given a pass so will be making the journey up for Devon for this :D

Hopefully the weather is better than last year and the title is decided in a fair way..

6th October 2013, 21:07
I might also be going as it's my local track. All depends on weather, anything like today and it'll be a great day out.

Jordan will be a worthy champion, while everyone else has been moaning and crashing he has just got on with it.

Not 100% sure if he'll be the youngest BTCC champion? May be wrong but i think John Fitzpatrick was younger when he was champion.

13th October 2013, 16:04
What a finale! I think the winner will depend on what number gets pulled out of the hat. Also how far Jordan can get through the field. Have to give the credit to MG for finding a wet setup and making a very interesting final.

13th October 2013, 16:08
Well now Shedden is on pole... It's clearly a 3 horse race. Anyone of them could win the title.

Beats the hell out of watching F1!

Alfa Fan
13th October 2013, 18:42
Jordan wins the championship.

14th October 2013, 00:49
Well i'll be first to congratulate him, fully deserved in my opinion. Well done Andrew!

14th October 2013, 14:08
Well deserved win and I'm just glad that it wasn't Shedden. Jordan strikes me as one of the nicest chaps on the grid and also a consistently quality driver.

Langdale Forest
17th October 2013, 20:44
Very good championship win for Jordan but also a very good performance from Plato winning races 1 & 2 and Jack Goff for coming 2nd in very wet conditions in race 3.

The predictions I made last week were correct.

18th October 2013, 01:20
What you predicted Goff would get a podium :P

Langdale Forest
18th October 2013, 07:45
No, I predicted that Jordan would win the championship without winning a race at Brands Hatch and he didn't even get a podium.

27th October 2013, 19:16
Only just got round to watching the season finale. With the exception of some pushing at Oulton Park, Jordan won his title cleanly, and that I think is good news.

Generally a pretty good season, though with the usual caveat about boost levels. It did amuse me to see Shedden winning at Silverstone after all the Honda whinging there about the boost. Other than that, the bright spots were Austin's Rockingham victory (though, other than Knockhill and the Brands opener, he didn't really show the same pace anywhere else), Turkington's return, Tordoff's debut season and Morgan's consistent form. Elsewhere, I thought Aron Smith showed himself a serious contender despite the Ford's lack of early-season pace, Jack Goff deserves a better BTCC opportunity, and Jake Hill could well be a star of the future. Notable disappointments were Motorbase in the first half of the season, Wrathall, Newsham, and above all Collard, who had an awful lot of bad luck but was otherwise blown away by Turkington in just the same way as he was the last time they were team-mates in '06.