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Wasted Talent
1st March 2013, 17:28
Looks like van Gisbergen has shrugged off the off-season controversy and taken pole for the first round of the 2013 V8 Supercars series in Adelaide.

What They Had To Say: Clipsal 500 Day One (http://www.v8supercars.com.au/news/what-they-had-to-say-clipsal-500-day-one)

Could be a great season, but the Nissan and Mercedes entries seem to have some wor to do to get on the pace


1st March 2013, 22:40
Just as a slight observation, Mercedes have the two best sounding cars at the meeting IMO - the Supercar E63's sound awesome, but the SLS's in the GT category are otherworldly! At full noise then hard on brakes on the over-run I was getting tingling sensations that I probably shouldn't mention on a family forum...

12th March 2013, 00:51
Just watched both races on youtube. Serious machines! Not the best of racing this time round but enough to convince me to follow the full season. Glad Van Gisbergen got the 2nd race win after the first race mess. But bad luck for Coulthard on the back of what should have been two good races for him.