View Full Version : Small thing that Bothers me about the BTCC

2nd April 2007, 04:40
Hey there, Long Time BTCC fan though today was the first time in 10 Years ive been to see them Live and i must say i loved every minute.

However the one thing i do find Pointless is Playing the National Anthem at the end of the Race. Let's look at it this way out of 26 Drivers only 3 of which are not British.

10 years ago when we had a better variety of Foreign Drivers in the Btcc Yeah i could Understand, But in todays BTCC seems somewhat Pointless and out of those 3 None British Drivers i feel Giovanardi is the only one of them who has a chance of winning Races this year. I doubt we will be hearing the Turkish or Irish National Anthems (But than again i could be wrong)

Plus today buy the Time they Finished the Support Races were already 3 Laps into their Races with no Commentry.

Anyway That's my Mini Rant feel free to Disagree :p

2nd April 2007, 08:58
Yes I doubt we will ever hear the Turkish national anthem, although no doubt the organisers are obliged to bring a copy to every round just in case.....

2nd April 2007, 10:37
television schedules,tight packed race schedule and curfews....don't you just love 'em.