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22nd September 2012, 13:49
I have never been so moved, I've repeatedly seen pomegranate. I gently approached the the tree flourish bonus pomegranate tree, it quietly jade standing there, in the bright green foliage, blossoming pomegranate bloom beautiful smiling face, such as countless lighted fireball, ignite my heart once owned, has been quiet for a long time because of the mundane troubled cavity passion. journeying looked in the midday sun shine these more gorgeous pomegranate, a string of clouds, clusters, covered with rippling the vitality of youth, filled with up vitality, they are so dazzling, I greedily enjoying the sight of refusing to turn away for a long time. That the thin silky pleated folds wrinkled petals, layers of ground floor shops start to, the red blooming, Noodles Taosai as if a group of sections from the red fairy us smile. Some orange bud, cracked a few road gap, has been eager for the heart seems ready to make an infinite force. oppressed for too long may it also quiet for a long time, experienced numerous photosynthesis, bathed in the sweet rain to learn earth supply various nutrition Roots, a steady stream nutrient delivery to the branches, stems, leaves, pomegranate trees bud swelling childbirth beautiful flowers. Release all the beauty of them with a fiery passion. pomegranate not only glamorous dripping pleasant shape, there is a humble character, calm state of mind. She was not like Yan elegant peony Nongzhuang of foam, placed first Nongzi; she might as Shining peach seductive publicity, eager to show off; it is more like the man instantly bloom Epiphyllum, it takes Shaohua early as the best flowers Falling sigh. When other flowers enchanting scene figure hidden gradually faded as the hot weather Vibram Five Finger Speed (http://www.fivevibramfingers.com/Vibram-Five-Finger-Speed-23), the pomegranate was this beautiful youth, as fire enthusiasm enjoy blooming in the hot sun. was likened to a woman the most beautiful flowers, not only because she has spent Jiao good face and graceful posture, more importantly, its internal reserves of an invisible force people admiration, they has an independent personality, excellent quality, outspoken personality, while no shortage of indomitable will and progressive spirit, also just as pomegranate, not impulsive, not rivalry, not swagger, very the sweeping humility qualities people is favorite. It is also just as those twists and turns and tempered woman, thought more mature, will more determined. They do not unassuming, willing the loneliness of being reckless character, so applause, very touched. Tang Dynasty Son of Man Lan the If taught removed River in Xianggui, given beauty Yan state with. Plum is the messenger of spring, then I think the warm pomegranate is to send the messenger of spring Vibram Five Finger Running Womens (http://www.fivevibramfingers.com/Vibram-Five-Finger-Running-20/Vibram-Five-Finger--Running-Womens-21), red smile, she ushered in a fiery summer overflowing. the pomegranate tree, black soil covered with bits and pieces of red petals Vibram Five Finger Flow (http://www.fivevibramfingers.com/Vibram-Five-Finger-Flow-14), fallen flowers, like rouge gradually mud stained red. Bloom beautiful mission is completed, they Whispering return to their roots into the soil turned into Qiushi, brewing lifetime mellow. Pomegranate, beautiful red, quietly blooming in the summer sun, the intoxicating sweet, hidden in plain shell. Pomegranate, interpretation of the world with her unique truth brilliant life.