View Full Version : Which County Has The Most Race/Drag Circuits?

Captain VXR
10th December 2006, 10:36
I was wondering which county has the most race/drag circuits. I was thinking Northamptonshire as it has Silverstone, Santa Pod and Rockingham. Any info would be greatly appreciated

Hazell B
10th December 2006, 23:01
Yorkshire would be fairly high on the list I think.

Including all the Ridings, there's Croft, assorted airfield tracks (think Hammond) and two drag tracks near each other who's names escape me.

Captain VXR
11th December 2006, 09:14
Shakespear County Raceway

11th December 2006, 16:02
There are 2 or 3 on the outskirts of Middlesborough. I think.

11th December 2006, 17:20
I don't understand the significance of this thread for touring cars?

Are you wanting them to go Drag Racing?

Captain VXR
11th December 2006, 21:33
No, I was just wondering and unsure of where to put it so I placed it here.
A one off BTCC drag race would be fun and a novel idea though

Brown, Jon Brow
11th December 2006, 21:45
Honda Integra or Vauxhall Astra would win.

Seat Leon would be last.

Captain VXR
11th December 2006, 21:49
Mark Smiths Alfa Romeo was the second fasest in a straight line at the 'stone and any rear wheel drive car should get a better launch

Hazell B
11th December 2006, 21:51

The fun I've had at Elvington and Melbourne dragways .... ah, them were the days :D

Sorry, haven't heard of the other two you mentioned.

12th December 2006, 08:50
There are lots of short ovals dotted around the country too... :)

12th December 2006, 11:23
they should do it over the fifth bridge on the way to knockhill

martin bell should win in his bmw though :P