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31st March 2007, 21:59
Given that this is the first season since 2000 that we won't see a Vauxhall Astra Coupe on the grid, I thought it might be fun to try and name all the drivers to have competed in said Astra during it's six year spell in the BTCC. Anyone want to try?

I'll start:

2001 - Yvan Muller, Jason Plato, James Thompson, Phil Bennett and Andy Priaulx

31st March 2007, 22:03
2002- Yvan Muller, James Thompson, Matt Neal, Paul O'Neil, Tom Chilton, Aaron Slight.

31st March 2007, 22:46
I'll attempt 2003 off the top of my head: Muller, Thompson, O'Neill, Howell, Pyper, Wallace, Breeze, Collard... I think that was it, with all GA's driver changes?

31st March 2007, 22:59
VX Racing: Yvan Muller, James Thompson, Luke Hines
Collard Racing: Rob Collard (obviously)
Tech-speed: Michael Bentwood
GA Motorsport: Paul Wallace, Charlie Butler-Henderson, Kelvin Burt, Stefan Hodgetts, Gavin Smith, Carl Breeze, Gavin Pyper

31st March 2007, 23:24
2005- Mark Proctor, Fiona Leggate and Andy Neate.

Alfa Fan
31st March 2007, 23:34
And 2006

Round 1-5,7

Fiona Leggate Techspeed Racing

Round 9-10

Paul O'Neill Techspeed Racing
Nick Leason Daniels Motorsport

31st March 2007, 23:37
If I've counted correctly, that's 24 separate drivers to have competed in the Astra Couple. Does anyone know how many chassis 888 built in total?

1st April 2007, 00:02
11 Astra CoupÚs according to http://www.touringcarworld.com/vauxhall.html

Hazell B
1st April 2007, 19:22
Does anyone know how many chassis 888 built in total?

No, but I can ask a man who will know if you're that bothered.

Wonder if any of them ever made it out onto the road without a racing driver in them? Retired on the M25 or something :p :