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30th March 2007, 14:48
Don't know, how many of you are interested in that series, but decided to make such topic, of anyone else is. :)

So the first race of ten will be held at Hockenheim on April 22.

The driver line-ups are also clear by now.

2007 car: Schneider, Spengler, Häkkinen, Green
2006: Paffett, Margaritis, Lauda, la Rosa
2005: di Resta, Stoddart

2007: Ekström, Kristensen, Tomczyk, Scheider
2006: Rockenfeller, Luhr, Abt, Premat
2005: Ickx and probably Carroll.

So eight new cars, eight one-year-old cars and four 2-year-old cars.
Pretty tough to say, who is going to be the main contenders. Schneider is the reigning champion, but he is already 43 years old and last year won mainly thanks to consistency than speed and I suppose that his young team-mate Spengler - who progressed significantly during last season - may even become the main title favourite this year. Green can be very quick, but tends to be a bit erratic - his goal is to score his first DTM win this year. Häkkinen will probably be as inconsistent as ever.

From Audi's squad the biggest questionmark is former champion Ekström, who had a very unfortunate season last year and now the question is that how he has managed to come out of that? He definetely is talented and if he can find his top form, he will probably be Audi's #1 driver again, but that's only "and if". Kristensen probably fights close to the top, although I wouldn't nominate him as title favourite. Tomczyk and Scheider are "dark horses" - first of them found confidence in the second half of last year and if he can keep that form, he can be a serious threat to title contenders. Scheider has always been quick, but has never driven such a competitive car yet - so now it's his opportunity to show, what he really is capable of. And I wouldn't be surprised, if he manages to fight even for a Top3 position in Driver's standings.

Among 2006-spec cars one of the most interesting drivers is 2005 champion Paffett. It will be an interesting question whether he can beat any of the new car drivers or not. Also some drivers, who drove a formula car last year - Premat, Carroll, di Resta - have joined the series.

30th March 2007, 15:16
And your opinion on Stoddard and Ickx is?

30th March 2007, 15:25
And your opinion on Stoddard and Ickx is?

Well, it's gonna be a second season for both. Ickx was usually running on very last positions last year, so don't expect much from her. Beating anyone will be a decent achievement for her! Stoddart is probably better of the two as she sometimes even managed to fight against newer cars, but to score points in such an old car would be a very difficult task.

30th March 2007, 15:53
Stoddardt should be in an '06 car at the very least! She did an excellent in the oldest M-B, a similar performance to Paffets DTM debut.

Nice to see Adam in DTM, I'm guessing he's pleased that he has a ride this year in top class motorsport. I really hope he does well, a good relationship with Audi and get himself LM/ALMS ride. He really deserves a strong racing career :up:

30th March 2007, 16:15
i'll be following this years dtm. going to brands, and maybe norisring again.

I reckon it'll be between schneider, spengler, ekstrom and with green, hakkinen possibly and kristenson next up in line. Paffett could make a few upsets too.

Hopefully be another close and unpredictable season. And definatly hoping Green can finally win a race. Came close in the norisring last year.


30th March 2007, 19:51
They should throw the '04s in there as well. Why waste perfectly good cars with further weight reductions? That would make another 2x3 cars on the grids??

1st April 2007, 23:42
Di Resta surely deserves something more than a 2 year old car after beating BMW golden boy Vettel to the Euroseries last year.

And I hope Carroll gets a drive - he's entertaining and I'm sure he'll adapt well to big 500BHP rear wheel drive tourers.

Premat could surprise as well. Looking forward to this one.

To answer DJS' question, Stoddart was probably about as quick as Lauda (i.e. not embarassingly slow but hardly earth shatteringly fast) and Ickx,I'm afraid, is a pretty face and nothing more.