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9th December 2006, 11:43
Since the end of the 2006 WTCC season I have been very interested in getting to know about it. So, I went to the WTCC website and downloaded and saved all PDF documents relating to the rules and regulations.

But I am stuck. At the beginning of both Article's 263 and 263D (2000 and S2000D), it mentions in article number 2 (Homologation) a few bits of jargon. They are: Group A, Group N, Suply Variants (VF), Optional Variants (VO), Evolutions of the type (ET), Kit Variants (VK) and sporting evolutons (ES).

Could anyone help me with these little bits of jargon?

Also what is the difference in the WTCC between a Production and Touring Car? Is it like it was around 2001 in the BTCC?

10th December 2006, 19:30
Group A = modified

Group N = 'standard' production [2]

The rest is here:

VF, VO, ET, EI, EI O here:



11th December 2006, 13:42
Thanks. :up:

the ralliart.com link I actually found since I posted. But the other links has helped me heaps.

Captain VXR
11th December 2006, 15:12
Well you can upgrade a production model into a s2000 car (think Edenbridge 320i, Xero/Forward Lexus) and production models are very close to standard
bar safety (rollcage etc) and have standard bodywork whereas s2000 is allowed to go a bit further