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17th August 2011, 06:27
Not since the forums changed houses have we had a forum game of Mornington Crescent, so let's have another go.
Should anyone desire a copy of the rules, I can suggest that great storehouse of information, NF Stovold's 1952 book "Mornington Crescent: Rules and Origins".

For this opening game, it shall be played according to the 2012 Olympic Variation set of rules which means that Underground-Overground Wombles are free and that although Shoreditch is out of play, Shoreditch High Street is in play, everything south of New Cross Gate is in play but Blackfriars is in knip.
Seven Sisters and Tottenham Hale are unplayable on Thursdays due to the current breakdown of society.

Being an older player of the game, I'll start:

South Kensington :D

21st June 2012, 14:32
Assuming that you are not going with the 'Glasgow convention' opening gambit and that the Emirates Airway is neither Overground nor Underground (Wombles would be soggy) then I think I'll start with a defensive, yet multi-opportunity, Bank.

8th November 2012, 17:32
Now the Olympics are over, we can't use the 2012 Olympic Variation set of rules. But we can use the 2012 New York Flood special rules so Bank is now temporarily disallowed but London Bridge is permissible

15th November 2012, 12:38
Mmmm, cunning - a vertical in times of flood! What we need is an Ark, and in order to fill it -
Regents Park
I took the lovely Samantha there last week so I could show her the parrot and cockatoo ;)

15th November 2012, 12:49
Flooding is acceptable isn't it?

If not,

19th November 2012, 09:28
Holborn requires a fleet riposte, a parry in the vicinity of Saffron Hill a thrust down Clerkenwell Road (ah those were the days) and a final dispatch at Farringdon

30th July 2013, 05:51
Let's think.

Hoxton? Er, no. Damn.
Mile End? Maybe... I'd be in a jam.
Said Sam I am...

Green eggs and East Ham

30th July 2013, 05:54
The Left Bank :/

30th July 2013, 17:20
The Left Bank :/

Better just watch for a while mate, it's a cut-throat game and after a long pause it's about to get messy!
The 1938 Everard codicil allows a mirror rebound when there isn't an 'r' in the month or the location, so:
West Hampstead

31st July 2013, 00:01
The Left Bank :/

The left bank? It that the bank which is in the relative direction of left, or is it through some catastrophe, design or accident, the only bank which remains: hence the "left" bank?

Either way, this comment expresses a which for chirality play and I'm going to move to The North Bank...


31st July 2013, 03:59
Which lands me in..

31st July 2013, 07:27
Which lands me in..
It might well do, but as none of Kent contains a station of the London rail infrastructure (tube, overground or Docklands Light Railway) then it's not a permissible move. (Rule 15) - Best you first familiarise yourself with THE map
Actually as Rollo has declared chirality play I have to respond with a diagonal which is a comparatively obvious move:
Tufnell Park

1st August 2013, 02:53
conversely I ill throw in a spanner and make Down Street the next move :confused:

1st August 2013, 03:25
Oh bugger. Mintex has invoked Mortimer's Childrens Variation No.3 by mentioning:

tube, overground or Docklands Light Railway
I have to stop this before he plays a blocker’s feint. Here goes:

Underground? Overground? Wombling Free?


1st August 2013, 07:37
conversely I ill throw in a spanner and make Down Street the next move :confused:
:s igh: Down Street, Aldwych, and British Museum (along with the other 'ghost stations') were removed from play in the 17th ed. consolidation. Oughtn't you practice on a system that involves little cable cars before stepping into the big time? Anyway, as Rollo correctly anticipated my blocker's feint, I shall carry through and avoiding a crowd of Nikon armed tourists (trousers up to their chests et al &#8203 ;) knock Bond Street back over the net - How d'ya like them apples.

2nd August 2013, 01:09
Oh Great Portland Street!

That makes me so mad I could flip a table...

(╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻

2nd August 2013, 01:27
:s Oughtn't you well...... No. Cockfosters

2nd August 2013, 21:18
well...... No. Cockfosters
This is a serious game and I can just imagine you giggling as you surveyed THE map in order to find the silliest option. Actually, dumb luck means you've put a block on E-W movement. So vertically down staying above surface -​Penge West

4th August 2013, 01:38
This is a serious game and I can just imagine you giggling Sorry bro's I was just having a bit of sport :) Carry on lads/mates... Tally-ho!

7th August 2013, 02:46
London Bridge?

Yeah... I got nothing much out of this. All I can do is click it on for a cheap knurdle without stepping into Knip.

27th September 2013, 17:26
Summers over so Parsons Green for a double riquet and hang the consequences

4th October 2013, 02:53
In an old house in Tottenham; all covered in vines,
Lived twelve little girls, in two straight lines...

They faced each other back to back,
Drew their swords and shot each other.

Oh damn. That's not gone well...

Judy and Jenny,
Mary and Penny,
Polly and Wendy,
And little Annabel.

Seven Sisters

29th October 2013, 00:31
The beauty or a long considered move is you often forget what set off the train of thought - then I thought of trains and then thought training . Anyway in my heightened state of mental acuity it is clear to me that I need to be somewhere in the system least likely to be affected by branches on the line! Reverse double pike to Barons Court