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Captain VXR
16th March 2007, 19:15
What's he doing this year? I really want him to be in the BTCC this year and there are a lot of teams who haven't announced drivers so maybe, just maybe he is one of them?

16th March 2007, 19:30
id like to see him back in the BTCC but I can imagine him going to Britcar along with Synchro Motorsport :(

17th March 2007, 03:26
I would love to see him back but realistically, where is there for him to go?

Captain VXR
17th March 2007, 09:12
Enke Arkas Xero - drivers not yet announced so who knows 3rd SEAT Leon Motorbase's 3rd Toledo

17th March 2007, 09:40
hi all i would like to see him back in the btcc so i hope he is and good luck james.


17th March 2007, 09:42
Would live to see James get something, even if it is mid-pack at best. Just to keep his name in the series. Realistically though, any drives that are open now will only run if a driver brings along some money. I don't think James has any kind of budget to bring with him, or he would probably already be announced as a driver somewhere.

I still have my fingers crossed though!

When the Civic didn't let him down, James was in the points 90% of the time last season. He didn't even compete in about 7 or 8 of the 30 races to due mechanical gremlins.

Captain VXR
17th March 2007, 12:56
And he was the only person last year to get a Civic on the podium

18th March 2007, 16:42
I would love to see him back in the BTCC. There are a few drivers who haven't got a drive so far. So fingers crossed.

18th March 2007, 18:27
james kaye would only come back in a honda i think i cant see him going any where else.

19th March 2007, 16:32
I want James Kaye out in a TD Integra next season. Only problem is, with Synchro doing Britcar, does he have a team to run it?

20th March 2007, 00:05
I want James Kaye out in a TD Integra next season. Only problem is, with Synchro doing Britcar, does he have a team to run it?

Next season, as in 2008? Can't really see many BTC spec cars out there to be honest, thay could probably go with one of TDs Civics - after all, they did buy an works Honda the following year that it was used (2003).

22nd March 2007, 22:16
Britcar starts this weekend correct? Is there an entry list? Is Synchro Motorsport or James on it?

27th March 2007, 03:20
I didn't see James or Synchro on the results list from Britcar Round 1 @ Silverstone last weekend.

Hmmm :( :( :( :(

30th March 2007, 19:47
looks like they are still trying to sell the civic


strange that people are trying to race lexi, 1 series and the old astras when they is proven cars out their going so cheap

I think they said the plan was to build a new civic to race mid to end of the britcar season

8th April 2007, 22:05
Synchro will be entering a New Civic Type R later on in the Season.

This was confirmed at our AGM in Swindon.

This is written on another forum.

I have no idea how reliable this info is.

10th April 2007, 03:24
This is great news if true!